This page presents the variables also available from CGI programs:

Server Side Variables

Information Microsoft ASP
client browser type ("http_user_agent") CCBot/2.0 (
Client Language ("HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE") en-US,en;q=0.5
Client NT Logon ("logon_user")
client IP address ("LOCAL_ADDR")
  ("REMOTE_PORT") 36538
URL requested by client ("REMOTE_ADDR")
Referring URL ("HTTP_REFERER")
Referring Host Name ("HTTP_HOST")
Server Software ("SERVER_SOFTWARE") Microsoft-IIS/7.5
Content Type ("CONTENT_TYPE")
Content Length ("CONTENT_LENGTH") 0
name of script ("SCRIPT_NAME") /1asp.aspx
  ("PATH_INFO") /1asp.aspx
  ("PATH_TRANSLATED") D:\Hosting\2597829\html\1asp.aspx

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