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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be lighted.”—Plutarch
“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” —William Yates


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  • Options for Training
  • Online CBT
  • LMS Tools
  • Masters Degree Programs
  • Entry Level Degree Programs
  • PhD Programs
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    Set this at top of window. Options for Online Training

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    Set this at top of window. Evaluating Online Training

      Here are the considerations when using Computer-Based Training (CBT):


      If you're an auditory learner, check out the audio-based courses (requires a special plug-in) from They're an off-shoot of the very useful and colorful lessons on everything at KeystoneLearning offers talking-head video presentations on their CD's.

      Real Teachers

      If you want instructor-led sessions (usually based on books you buy $), consider (formerly The site offers more than just technical training.


      If you want to end up mastering a subject rather than just “knowing about it”, consider tutorials.

      Unlike books, these on-line courses won't let you skim past material (and quickly forget the material). They were designed by professional teachers (oh, excuse me, "curriculum developers") who have done the most difficult aspect of training -- the time to break down what needs to be learned into “modules” which can be easily digested.

      Did you get that?

      I no longer have to be embarrassed when I nod off during a class and the trainers ask "did you get that?" 

      Computer-based training (CBT) has the patience to make sure that each of us can respond correctly before it moves on to the next topic. CBT asks you pointed questions at every little step along the way. (Educational research has shown that answering questions helps us remember better.)

      Learning Tools

      A full set of proven learning tools include: Skill Assessments to see how well you really know the material before and after the course, a Glossary of terms, a searchable list of Course Topics so you know where you're going, summary of topics covered, downloable examples you can use to get a quick start on doing something useful.

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    Set this at top of window. Comparison of IT Certification Product Offerings

      There are many publishers:

    • Microsoft Training offers MBOC -- the Official Curriculum used by live MCT's (Microsoft Certified Trainers) in CTEC's (Certified Technical Education Centers). This is the most expensive route, good for people with more money than time.
    • Transcender test simulator are the most expensive. They have the exact look and feel of the real Prometric tests.
    • Microsoft Press offers in several books what others offer in a single purchase.
    • Osborne red and blue
    • Coriolis small red Exam Cram books are amazingly thorough for their size. So they're good for knowledeable pros. Some books include practice test questions and interactive learning exercises. Their LabSim
    • New Riders (Macmillan) yacht-themed covers 0735709688
    • Sybex include EdgeTests and Electronic Flashcards. But their E-Trainer software is cumbersome: It establishes itself as a localhost web server. But still, text in explainations -- in a separate pop up screen -- cannot be copied. References to source materails are all text to chapters -- no clicking to retrieve the specific material. The number of test items are not shown on the screen, so you have to guess. You cannot go backward to a previous question. In practice mode,
    • McGraw Hill books offers video by Global Knowledge instructors. But some complain about the sound being too low.
    • VIAGRAFIX videos
    • Sam's White Books for advanced pros. 0072129484 Windows 2000 Group Policy Survival Guide for System Administrators Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional 0789721295 and Server 0789721864 0735609950 DESIGNING SECURE WEB-BASED APPLICATIONS FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2000 by Howard, Michael O'REILLY 1565928385 DHCP FOR WINDOWS 2000 by Alcott, Neall

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    Set this at top of window. Content Creation Companies


      instructional design methodologies / models: ADDIE, Dick & Cary, Smith & Ragan

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    Set this at top of window. Learning Content Management Systems Tool companies


      LMS architecture
      SCORM (Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model) defines a common LMS Run Time Environment.

      SCORM was developed by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative of the US DoD in 1997, which adopted standards from,, and IEEE.

      SCORM also defines a model for Content Aggregation using industry-wide metadata XML tags to ensure content is reusable, searchable, durable, and accessible (shareable).

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    Set screen Degree Programs

      Masters Level Distance Learning Programs

      School Degree Format Cost Features
      Regis U. in Denver, Colorado 800-677-9270 MSCITanother page on this site (formerly MSCIS) 12 8-week on-line or on-site classes & capstone project. No waivers. $13,115 ($1080 per 3-unit class) + materials Focuses on Oracle, but not using Oracle official curriculum.
      Capella, Minneapolis MSIT has specializations in System Design and Programming, Network Architecture, plus certificates in Info. Security. 12 10-week Self-Study + 2 week residency $32,940 ($1,475 per 4-unit class). Max. 5 classes can be waived for $300 each. -
      Columbus State U. of Georgia( powered by MS in Applied Computer Science 12 semester-length on-line classes (on your own) or on-site ( 8 core and 4 electives) $12,960 ($1,116 per 3-unit class, which includes technology fees) for 36 credits) 3 classes can be transferred in. Microsoft's Authorized Academic Training Program: Object-Oriented GUI Client-Server Database Distributed Web Site Enterprise Development
      Norwich U. in Vermont 800-677-9270 MS Information Assurance 6 on-line seminars over 3 semesters. No waivers. $19,290 at $3,090 per 6-unit seminar (inlcudes materials) + $750 residency fee Features well-known experts in security.
      Friends U. (powered by Electronic Commerce Management (ECM) on-line one night a week for 75-weeks with the same cohort $14,611 + materials (12 semester-length classes .
      U of Maryland, Baltimore County and the US branch of the famed Open University Distance Learning in the UK MS Computing On-line $19,800 (40*$495/unit) includes materials 8 week classes (8 classes in fixed curriculum, 4 unit ea. for 32 units) and a 8 unit research project plus dissertation
      MSIS On-line $15,840 (32*$495/unit) includes materials 8 week classes (8 classes in fixed curriculum, 4 unit ea. for 32 units, which includes a 2 unit capstone project)
      ISIM MSIT, MSIM On-line Interactive or Self-Study $16,640 (36 units x $415) includes exam fees and materials 11 classes plus a project less 9 units for PMP
      Pepperdine MSTM on-site plus 2 week
      U. Of Phoenix 800.765-4922 MBA/TM on-site or on-line $23,310 for 45 $518 credits (15 8-week classes) + materials (4.6% incr/yr.) The largest school and most flexible.
      U. Of Phoenix 800.765-4922 MSCIS on-site or on-line 47 credits over 30 months Fixed curriculum of 13 classes. The largest school.
      U. Of Phoenix 800.765-4922 MCSE certificate on-line $2,000 7 courses no computers
      American Intercontinental U. MIT on-site only $23,250 for 10-week classes Global & Oracle
      Southern Methodist University MS Software Engineering videotape& on-site in Dallas $18,750 ($625 per credit for 30 credits) has telecom. concentrations
      Natl Technological U. 800-582-9976 consortium of universities, incl. USC, UC Davis MSSE Jerry Johnson x404 TV, online, CD ROM $660-1294/unit before materials (33 semester credits, depending on the University) 11 classes, 3 units each on Software Metrics and Quality Engineering, Performance Modeling, Info Warfare, Cryptography 1689 grads since '84
      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 518-276-8351 MIT on-line 48 credits several concentrations
      Rochester MIT on-line 48 credits several concentrations
      CSU Long Beach certificates campus xx ...
      U.S.C. LA Distance Education Network MSIS on-line from Los Angeles $2601 per semester class webcasts and colloquia for aerospace companies. 4 core courses: Software Management and Economics, Software Engineering I & II, Software Architectures 3 electives from among Advanced Operating Systems, Database Systems, Specification and Design of User Interface Software, Computer Systems Architecture
      Strayer U. MSIS on-line from Wash. DC $14,580 54 qtr. unit @$270 ea. ($1323 per class) Microsoft, Oracle
      National U. certificates campus xx ...

      American Military University offers a range of courses on homeland security.

      Bachelors Level Program Choices

      School Degree Format Cost Features
      University of Advancing Technology (UAT) in Tempe, Arizona AA, BS, MS in Multimedia, Technology Commerce, and Software Engineering and Game Design on-line one night a week for 75-weeks $14,611 + materials (12 semester-length classes at $402 per credit hour (as of 1/1/02)

      College-Level Examination Program

    Set screen PhD Degrees Online

      PhD degrees typically require the proposal and oral presentation of a written dissertation that analyzes existing research and makes a contribution to that field.

      Institution PhD Degree Residency Cost
      Nova Southeastern U. Computer & Info Science - created the first electronic classroom in 1985 Uses WebCT. Participates in DANTES and eArmyU. four weekends or two weeks per year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida $475 per credit hour, $5,100 per dissertation term
      A website external to this site Walden 866-492-5336 (866-4WALDEN) started in Psychology Applied Management and Decision Sciences (AMDS) in Information Systems Management requires a 30-unit dissertation. After 14 units of classes on research, there are 84 units of classes, (42 can be transferred in). Each class is 4-5 credits each. 32 units:
    • 4 unit New Student Orientation
    • 8 units over two-weeks in June and July at Indiana University (Bloomington) within first two years of enrollment:
    • 13 units over 2 weeks
    • 20 units over 3 weeks
    • $39,210 minimum for 10 quarters at $3,355 each tuition plus
      $3,995 for Residencies
      $1,665 other fees
      A website external to this site (A website external to this site Mind started in Organizational Behavior Business and Technology Their 120 quarter unit PhD degree requires a Thesis and 24 classes (at 4 units per class). They offer the degree on-line, but their policy of charging discourages part-time study. xxx $39,000 if you take 2 classes per quarter for 12 quarters at $3,250 each, regardless of the number of classes
      Ph.D. Stevens Institute of Technology

      George Mason University in Fairfax, VA

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    Set screen Capella's PhD

      The 10 Core classes:

      OM8320 E-Business - Technical Infrastructure of E-Commerce
      OM843 Managing Information and Communications Technology
      OM819 Information Systems Management

      OM721 Global Financial Management
      OM868 Managerial Accounting
      OM815 Accounting and Financial Management
      OM8226 International Business Management
      OM855 Operations Management

      Capella's 14 Elective classes, which include:

      OM874 Redefining the Workplace: The New Revolution
      OM8355 E-Business - The New Operations Model for E-Commerce
      OM8315 E-Business - Management in the E-Business Organization
      OM8325 E-Business - Community-Building Through Virtual Community

      OM834 Power and Politics in Organizations
      OM836 Decision-Making Under Risk and Uncertainty

      OM8370 E-Business - Software Solutions-Comparative Study
      OM8375 E-Business - Virtual Teams
      OM8395 E-Business - The Wired Nonprofit Organization

      OM8360 E-Business - Consulting Practices
      OM833 Grantsmanship
      OM867 International Marketing Management
      OM8390 E-Business - Brand Management
      OM8283 Entrepreneurial Management


      Prerequisite Course (4 total credits)
      MMBA 6110 Management Information Systems (4 cr.)

      Foundation Research Sequence (14 total credits)
      SBSF 8417 Human Inquiry and Science (4 cr.)
      AMDS 8427 Research Design (5 cr.)
      AMDS 8437 Data Analysis (5 cr.)

      Core Curriculum (42 total credits)
      Technology Management (14 credits)
      AMDS 8115 Management of Technology (5 cr.)
      AMDS 8125 Organizational Performance Improvement: Business Process Reengineering (4 cr.)
      AMDS 8135 Project Management (5 cr.)

      Information Technology (14 total credits)
      AMDS 8215 Systems Analysis and Design & Implementation (4 cr.)
      AMDS 8225 Database Concepts (5 cr.)
      AMDS 8235 Communications and Networking (5 cr.)

      Managing Emerging Technologies (9 total credits)
      AMDS 8315 Emerging Technology Assessment & Risk Management (5 cr.)
      AMDS 8325 eCommerce Strategies (4 cr.)

      Core Capstone (5 total credits)
      AMDS 8335 Knowledge Management (5 credits) -Or-
      AMDS 8300 Advanced Individual Studies (5 credits)

      42 credits from specialized Knowledge Area Modules (KAMs) in specializations:

      • V. Organizational Dynamics and Development or Quality Issues in Engineering Management
      • VI. Decision Sciences or Human Factors Issues or
      • VII. Case Analysis

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    Set screen More

      Among Forbes' Top 20 Cyber Universities

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    Set screen How to Succeed at Online Courses

      Do You Have What It Takes?

      Students who get the most from online classes have a plan for how they spend their time -- and they follow it. They have a list and enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done.

      If you frequently need to enjoy the sense of having nothing to do, then you probably need someone else to help you over procrastination.


      Usually the first posting requested of students in an online class is an introduction of themselves.

      The great thing about online classes is that you will likely have a much greater diversity of people in your class than you would have on campus. So begin your introduction with what is most unique about you. Some examples:

        I live on a small Japanese island, teaching English

      A downside of diversity is that it is less likely everyone will understand each other's jokes. So avoid puns, especially jokes with double meanings. Use emoticons.

      When you describe yourself, think about how others can benefit from your experience. Tell the class what you can offer -- how you can best contribute to your temporary group.

        I enjoy writing, so I would be happy to take notes and write emails for our group.

      Be sure to provide your contact information (email address, phone, etc.). If you provide a phone number, also note when you want to receive calls. Because other students can be anywhere in the world, include the timezone code anytime you specify a time.

      Provide an informal picture of yourself, but first find out the width and height that pictures will be displayed, then crop your photo to that size. Don't just download a hugh file straight from your megapixel camera.

      Chats and Group Projects

      Unless your school forces everyone to use the same chat program, install the most popular chat client programs (AOL, Microsoft) or one that communicates with them all.

      Students in an online chat tend to get down to business more quickly than in a classroom or social situation.

      Those who cannnot type fast have a disadvantage and can become frustrated when the conversation moves to another topic as he/she hunts for letters on the keyboard. An investment learning to "touch type" without needing to look at the keyboard will allow you to enjoy the interaction more.

      Tactfully Comment on Others' Work

      I think that the internet provides a false sense of annonymity.

      What you write (and especially what images you upload to a server) can haunt you for a long time.

      Your name is your "brand". What kind of reputation do you want?

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