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Reload this page HP ALM Quality Center : How To Make It Work

This is an unabashed review of how to use HP ALM Quality Center (to version 9.2) despite annoyances.

This page is one in a series for QA Managers:


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PDF: HP ALM product Data Sheet

Video: ALM 11 Product Roadmap presento by Raziel Tabib, HP Sr. Product Manager to Vivit, the independent user community of HP Software & Services

Dr. Andreas Birk, TQA SIG leader

Set screen What is Quality Center/ ALM?

Set screen The Annoyances

Set screen Web Clients Fast and Slow

Set screen Linkages Among Components

Set screen Easier Data Entry

Set screen Management Reporting: Measures and Metrics Managers Need

Set screen What Are The Numbers Supposed To Be?

Set screen Basic Burn-Down Charts

Set screen Changes To ALM/QC Usage for Agile

Set screen Enhanced Burn-Down Charts

Set screen Continuous Integration

Set screen Agile Developers Also Test

Set screen Collaboration Between Testers and Developers

Set screen Permissions and Ownership by Department/Workflow

Set screen Backup On Your Own, But Can't Delete

Set screen Libraries and Baselines

Set screen Managing Database Growth

Set screen Excel From SQL

Set screen Reports Generation Options

Set screen The Architecture of External Interfaces

Set screen VB OTA Coding

Set screen Certification and Training

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