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Here are my notes on the software testing industry.

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    Set this at top of window. Labs:

    • 20/20 Labs in Los Angeles specializes in game testing.
    • Platformlab in Columbus Ohio is a shared cost recovery facility.
    • Client/Server Labs, Atlanta, GA is a Seque partner.
    • DIGITAL's Enterprise Systems Labs is a Seque partner.
    • IBM Global Services
    • Keylabs in Provo, UT, is the “industry's largest independent, professional testing lab dedicated to testing hardware and software in network environments. The official Certification Center for Cisco Management Connection Certification program.
    • National Software Testing Laboratories publishes comparative evaluations of hardware and software products.
      The High Integrity Software System Assurance Group at NIST develops tools and techniques to help industry improve the quality of information technology products. Products include static analysis tools, verification and validation techniques, formal methods, and data on software failures.
    • PC Labs
    • PCTest Corporation “The world's premier source for software testing, network testing, compatibility testing, internet testing and functionality testing."
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers, a "Big Six" international accounting consultancy based in Edison, NJ A Seque partner.
    • QualitySoft Consultants, a division of Dandem Corp. Irvine, CA. A Seque partner.
    • has labs in Bangalore, India; Dublin, Ireland; UK; and San Jose, California.
    • Revision Labs “is an industry leader in providing independent, third party software testing services to a wide range of markets."
    • Software Testing Assurance Corporation “provides independent certification of Y2000 readiness through the application of public certification standards.”
    • Software Testing Support, Inc. “Promoting Synergy Between System Components"
    • Systeme Evolutif Software Testing Services “Formed in 1989 UK to help IT organisations to meet the needs of their users."
    • TestPros
    • VeriTest, a service of LionBridge, which also bought Data Dimensions which bought ST Labs in Bellevue, Washington.

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    Set this at top of window. Consultants:


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    Set this at top of window. Tools:

      Among the list of software testing and test management tools from DBMS magazine and

    • Rational Visual Test, formerly from Microsoft My notes on Rational Robot
    • Mercury Interactive My notes on WinRunner

    • RSW web test
    • JavaStar for testing IBM's San Francisco Java applications
    • Agitar's Agitator

    • provides C/C++, Java, and .NET developers a real-time event-driven API for Application Surveillance that's compatible with OpenView, Tivoli, and Patrol Enterprise Management apps used by Operations personnel. The Appmind agent (companion on every client) includes a RUP plugin. The API is free, but the AppMindT Server that forwards signals to OpenView, etc. costs.
    • offers its bug-tracking database app free (with ads) over the web from Jerusalem, Israel.
    • Mercury Interactive's Topaz and Seque allow organizations to monitor network conditions from their own clients.
    • KeyNote's service monitors line conditions from their clients placed throughout the world.
    • TeaLeaf's IntegriTea (running on Windows servers) monitors application functionality.

    • Seque of Lexington, MA 800.287.1329 Costa Mesa offers Silk/QA Partner, QualityWorks, 4Test Language LiveQuality for web-based performance testing with their Lab Test Partners

      Web Quality Assurance Tools

      These programs on the Internet checks HTML code:

    • Rational no longer provides their SiteCheck program as freeware.
    • Doctor HTML checks web pages for syntax and spelling. Also verifies links.
    • Bobby is a free web-based program that verifies whether web pages are accessible to people with disabilities. You select specific versions of browsers (including Web TV) to find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly.
    • Web Lint.
    • Linkscan
    • Uptime will send you email if your server is down.
    • NetMechanic I have not checked out.
    • Webmaster peer reviews
    • Jakob Nielson's AlertBox is an excellent column on designing web sites for readability and usability.
    • Bugzilla enterprise-grade bug tracking software.

    Types of tools and tests:

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    Set this at top of window. Benchmarks:


    From Mercury Interactive:

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    Set this at top of window. Certifications:


    A website external to this site The Masters in Quality Assurance degree from California State University at Domiguez Hills can be taken completely on-line.

    A website external to this site Capella University offers a Certificate in Information System Quality Assurance

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